Curricula Reformation and Harmonisation in the field of Biomedical Engineering

Working Groups

The work will be carried out through collection of information from the participants, preparation of draft reports and documents by working groups, discussion and approval in meetings between the participating Institutions. Working groups (WGs) will be responsible for delivering the project outcomes, associated with a particular task. Members of these WGs will be experts that have complementary expertise and meet the requirements of a particular task. The members of the WGs will be approved during the first general assembly meeting (GAM1) of the consortium that will take place in Patras, at the kick off meeting of the project. Three WGs will be organised that will address the following tasks:

WG1 – Review of the BME education status in Europe and future trends

WG2 – Generic Programs for studies in BME

WG3 – Template guidance for the implementation of harmonised QA systems

The number of members that will be involved in the WGs will vary between 6 and 8. Additional working groups and task forces will be organised where needed depending on the project specific activities.