Curricula Reformation and Harmonisation in the field of Biomedical Engineering

Aims & Objectives

The main objective of this project is to update existing curricula in the field of Biomedical Engineering (BME) in order to meet recent and future developments in the area, address new emerging interdisciplinary domains that appear as a result of the R&D progress and respond to the BME job market demands. The generic BME programs will assist participating Institutions to restructure their existing programs in full compliance with the Bologna Declaration and the ECTS and especially those that are in their initial stage of their educational system reform. This main objective will be reached by:


(1) extensive review of the curricula in the countries of consortium members in the field of BME education;

(2) investigation of the current and future demands in the medical device industry market;

(3) preparation of a generic program on graduate and postgraduate education in BME, with core and elective courses. The new programs will focus on present and forecasted need for competencies and skills of biomedical engineers based on job requirements. Additionally, an analysis of the relationships between competence, learning outcomes and credits will be performed in order to propose the most efficient ways to reach the goals.


Other objectives that will be addressed by the project are:

(1) Promotion of the development of new study programs in partners countries

(2) Investigation of the possibilities and support in the establishment of joint degrees

(3) Provision of a template guidance document for Quality Assurance (QA), to be used for implementation in the field of BME education

(4) Promotion of international exchange of teachers and of mobility of students

(5) Creation of links with the medical device industry in Europe

(6) Recreation of the TEMPERE thematic network and its enlargement