Curricula Reformation and Harmonisation in the field of Biomedical Engineering

Work Packages

1 Report on the BME education status in Europe and future trends

1.1 Review of the existing BME programs at EU and Partner countries

1.2 Study of the recent developments and future trends in the medical industry market

2 Generic Programs for graduate and postgraduate studies in BME

2.1 Prepare a set of core courses and design study programs in BME

2.2 Design of complete syllabi for BME programs including elective subjects

3 Template guidance for the implementation of harmonised Quality Assurance Systems

3.1 Review of the current QA and accreditation systems in education in Europe

3.2 Design and development of a template guidance document for the implementation of QA systems

4 Development and implementation of new study programs and restructure of existing ones according to the generic programs in the BME curricula

4.1 Adoption and promotion of ECTS

4.2 Implementation of the generic programs in the BME curricula in participating Institutions

4.3 BME Laboratory modernisation

4.4 Teacher exchange and student mobility

5 Design of joint degrees

5.1 Investigate the possibilities and support establishment of joint degrees

6 Dissemination

6.1 Dissemination of project results

7 Sustainability

7.1 Sustainability of the project

8 Quality control and monitoring

8.1 Quality control and monitoring activities

9 Management of the project

9.1 Project management activities