Curricula Reformation and Harmonisation in the field of Biomedical Engineering

Target Groups

The target groups of the project consist of undergraduate and postgraduate students and academic staff from all participating Institutions. Administrative staff will be involved in the management and planning of the activities, as well as in the quality control of the project. Academic staff and students will be exchanged during the second and the third project years through the respective mobility programs. The teaching exchange staff scheme is: one academic staff from each EU Institution to visit for one week one selected Institution from Partner countries; two academic staff members from each Partner country Institution to visit for two weeks one participating EU Institution. The adopted scheme for student mobility is: one student from each Partner country Institution to be trained at an EU Institution for three months during the third project year. The project is not aiming to develop new teaching methodology or teaching material. However, the design of the generic programs that will come out will take into account new trends in teaching (use of open and distance learning, and modern technologies such as ICT, computer simulation, Internet, information from web, mobile computing environment, computer networks).